No two sites are the same and we'll get to know your aspirations and requirements before we make you a competitive quote. As a very rough guide, prices may vary from £600 for a small and simple site to upward of £2000 for a highly complex eCommerce site with many of our application features. Some example guideline prices are illustrated below, but please do talk to us - once we fully understand your requirements we will provide you with the most cost effective, economic quote for your project.

Simple Site

FROM £600

  • Web presence
  • Single page site
    Small multi-page static site
  • Contact form
  • Social media plugin
  • Email support
  • 100Mb storage


FROM £1200

  • Multi-page site
  • Content Management
  • Simple eCommerce
  • Flickr photo albums
  • Contact form
    Social media plugins
    Email support
    500Mb storage

More Complex

FROM £2000

  • Multi-page complex site or administation system
    Content Management
    eCommerce/Shopping basket
    Flickr photo albums
    Contact form
    Social media plugins
    Email support
  • Unlimited email addresses
    Unlimited storage


Simply put, Web Content Management really just means a web system where the website owner can update their site with no technical or programming knowledge and without recourse to their web development company for every little change. Typically, this means business owners can keep their websites up to date with new text (content), new products, new photos and images, amended prices, etc, and they can do this very quickly and easily. They also avoid the costs involved in contracting their web development company to make simple content changes.

All of this means their website is more likely to be visited as users and customers will come back for repeat visits. The site will feel "fresh" and "vibrant" - not dormant.

At Redstone Websites we strive to make this ability for you to update your site as straightforward and easy as possible.


In a word: yes.

Redstone Websites realise that at some point in the future you may want to seek out a new web development company to support or enhance your system. You are free to do that if you choose and the web code developed by Redstone that drives your website and the database on which your data resides is yours to do with as you please.

Redstone Websites does understand that you may not want to be tied in to us forever and for that reason we provide that guarantee of flexibility for you. Other web companies may not all offer this flexibility but we want you to trust us to deliver a first class system and support and we want you to want to remain with us - but we will not force you to do so.


Open Source Software is software where the original developer or develpers have made their product free for others to use, enhance or amend, however they please. Huge technical communities tend build up around the best Open Source packages and thus a large network of support and knowledge quickly develops.

The two primary platforms on which vast numbers of websites are built are the proprietry Microsoft .NET platform, and the Free Open Source LAMP platform. There are some technical differences but both are capable of delivering stable, secure and scalable web sites and web applications. Popular advice is to choose whichever platform you can most easily find the technical resources to build for you. From a developer's perspective the advice is to go with whichever you feel most comfortable with.

At Redstone Websites, our sites are built on the very widely-used Free Open Source platform known as LAMP (Linux operating system, Apache web server, MySQL relational database and PHP programming language). We are very experienced in deploying to this platform and an added benefit, of course, is that there are no costly development, or recurring licences to pay for which would need to be funded though our charges to our clients. This helps us keep the prices we quote to you, both for development and ongoing support, as low as possible.